"FORD" license plate, new   $ 5.99/each
  TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) calibration scanner tool, new...view   $ 79.99/each
  ASC keychain, a perfect piece of lore for your ASCMcLaren Capri or Mustang!, very limited availability, new...view   $ 19.99/each
1979 Indy 500 Pace Car promotional post card, interesting "OFFICAL" misprint, new...view $ 9.99/each
1981 McLaren M-81 Mustang promotional post card, new...view $ 5.99/each
1981 McLaren M-81 Mustang promotional poster, incredibly hard-to-find and these are NOS and in perfect undamaged condition!, new...view $ 49.99/each
1984-86 SVO KONI shock absorber instructional booklet, new...view   $ 9.99/each
1993 Cobra "R" model promotional "appreciation" poster, this is an NOS poster and not a reproduction as seen for over $100.00+ on eBay!!!, This is the Real Deal!!!, new...view   $ 49.99/each
1984-86 SVO KONI shock absorber adjustment (short necked) knob, for original equipment "D"-style strut adjuster, new...view   $ 14.99/each
1984 1/2 20th Anniversary "Personalized Nameplate Application Instructions" sheet, copy, new...view   $ 4.99/each
2016 Ford Racing Performance Parts Catalog, new...view   $ 4.99/each
1979-17 We carry virtually all the hard-to-find original equipment interior, exterior and engine compartment "detailing" decals for 1979-17 Mustangs, including Special Service (police) Mustangs, to complete that perfect restoration! We also have most original sales literature, too!  
1993 & 1995 We have original build sheet copies for most 1993 and 1995 Cobra "R" models!!!  
1979-17 We carry an extensive line of virtually all the hard-to-find original equipment Ford-production detailing items such as assembly documentation decals and labels, build sheets, window stickers, dealer sales aids, brochures, showroom banners and other sales-related hand-outs and more for your perfect restoration!  
1993-04 Ford SVT Special Vehicle Team inspection card, appropriate for Cobras, SVT Focus, Contour and Lightning, new   $ 12.99/each


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